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Categories of Plants for Any Garden


Deciding to landscape your yard or garden can be exciting and overwhelming. You will have many options for what will thrive in your garden, which will vary by region. Here are some of the categories of plants that will work in any garden.

Ground Cover

If you are looking for a plant to fill in the gaps, creep across stones or even take the place of grass, ground cover plants are a great option. This broad category of plants can include evergreens, succulents, flowers, shrubs and moss. Ground cover can give your garden varying textures and a cozy appearance.


A well-landscaped yard or garden typically includes plants of varying heights. Shrubbery can fill in the middle ground but can also grow tall enough to build a privacy wall. When you look at shrubs for your own garden, you’ll find flowering species, as well as evergreens. Reach out to a landscaping company Boca Raton to help find the perfect shrubs for your needs.


Depending on where you live, you will find different options for types of trees to grow in your yard. Trees can vary greatly in height, from majestic palms and deciduous trees to smaller tropical flowering varieties. You can find trees that are beautiful statement pieces and even smaller species that work well in pots.


When considering how to landscape your yard, you will probably be excitedly thinking of the elegant and colorful flowers you can include. Flowering plants add texture, variety and different hues to a garden, and the options are endless. 

Specialty Plants

Your yard is unique, so you’ll want to consider any special needs when landscaping. You may have a water feature that could be complemented by aquatic plants, or you may want to grow herbs or other edible species to use in your kitchen.

Out of the thousands of types of plants in the world, most varieties used in landscaping fall into these basic categories. Even with just a few plants, you can create an inviting and colorful oasis for your home.

This post was published on 20/01/2022

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