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Best Time to Replace or Repair Your Windows

Windows Replacement

Of course, the best time to replace a window is if it breaks. Other than that, is there a preferred time to do so? You may be surprised to learn that oftentimes, the best deals can be had in the cooler months of the year.

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Winter: Perhaps the Best Time to Hire a Window Contractor

The cooler months of the year may be the best time to replace or repair your windows. This is due to a variety of reasons:

  • Window Problems May Be Magnified in the Cooler Months. When the weather is not hot, problems with windows may become apparent or exacerbated. For example, some of the materials from which windows are made can shrink or become compromised in cooler temperatures. Drafty areas, rot, or leaks may become much more apparent, as well as more troublesome.
  • Seasonal Discounts May be Available. Everyone wants to save money on replacement and repair associated with their home. It’s no different with windows. When it comes to window contracting, the best value for your money is often had during the colder times of the year. This is often because of supply and demand: Fewer people repair or replace their windows in the cooler times of the year. Indeed, many contractors offer seasonal discounts.
  • Hurricane Season is Over. Of particular importance to South Florida, hurricane season is over in the cooler months. Window work is best done when the threat of major storms is minimal.

Take Action in the Cooler Months

As you can see, taking action with problem windows during the winter months makes sense for a variety of reasons. Contact your widow contractor during the cooler part of the year. It may save you money. Contractors may also have a bit more flexibility in their schedules at this time.