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3 Home Trends to Consider Trying This Year


Are you bored with your current paint color? Are you frustrated with the lack of pizazz, organization, or style in your common areas? Then, consider making a home trends design refresh a priority.

Times continue to change and with them, so too does home fashion. If you’re ready to transform a few of your stale spaces, consider turning to one of the following design faves for this year.

1. Consider Multifunctional Units

The home is no longer a place to come to after school and work. It’s become a spot for everything, especially with many companies turning to remote and flexible work. Therefore, people are continuing to embrace the idea of a multipurpose room.

The office is also a reading room, yoga studio, and craft space. To make this possible and avoid a disaster zone, work with a general contractor Boston MA to redesign rooms to suit your various needs. Add appropriate storage, create hideaways, and invest in Murphy beds and furniture.

2. Think Cozy and Colorful

Go bold or go home may be a new motto in the decorating field. After years of subtle walls, it’s time to break out the deeper shades. It seems people are tired of beiges and whites. They want a bit of vibrance and cheer. Select a beautiful blue, for instance, for the living room.

Then, move out of modern and think comfy. Grab some fluffy pillows and blankets. Surround yourself with things that say I like this place and want to be here.

3. Embrace the Updated Kitchen

The kitchen constantly demands attention. Most people spend quite a bit of time in it, making it a spot that gets a bit tired quickly. Try swapping out countertops and adding some color to cabinets to liven it up a bit. In addition, many owners continue to seek additional space by adding islands.

Shake things up this year by trying out one of the following three home trends. You may find a renewed love for a drab spot.

This post was published on 12/01/2022

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